5 tips for building a strong employer branding

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Building a strong brand image affects every part of your business. Are you doing everything you can for your employer branding?

1. Recruitment: more and better candidates
No matter how many brands of ketchup there are in the supermarket, you probably always opt for the same one. Ever wondered why? Because brands subconsciously showcase characteristics that encourage you to buy them. 

The same methods can be applied to job vacancies. How do you think ‘the perfect candidate’ will read your vacancy, let alone apply at your company? Your employer brand is key, even from that early stage. A clear employer brand not only helps to attract candidates (quantity) but also helps a candidate to instantly know what to expect when working for you (quality), thereby attracting the right kind of candidates.

2. Higher loyalty
Research shows companies with a strong focus on employer branding have lower turnover rates. This is for two reasons. Firstly, companies that value their employer brand focus more on employee satisfaction, thus creating an inspiring environment in which to work.

Secondly, a good employee value proposition comes with strong values and a strong identity. When there is a match with your employees, they will feel good at work and will stay around.

3. Guidance
A strong identity provides strong guidance. When you know what your company stands for, it is easier to handle appropriately. This will aid and accelerate decision making across all levels.

4. Happy customers
Every interaction with your company builds your company image, and an engaged employee impacts the customer in a positive way. So, treating your employees well will directly benefit your business.

5. It’s a time-consuming effort
Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is an employer brand. An identity is formed and solidified over time. Consistency is key, so start now and stay true to your values. 

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5 tips for building a strong employer branding

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