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How Generative AI is Impacting Personalised Learning and Development
6 minutes read

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still quite new, but many HR teams are already beginning to look at how they may be able to implement it in their future planning, especially when it comes to learning and development programmes. Learn what they may be considering in our latest article.

Helvetia Case Study: The Impact of Internal Best Practices Sharing
1 minutes read

Organisations that focus on learning and improving their HR practices are setting themselves up to meet the needs of their future employees. Certified Top Employer Helvetia developed internal best practices sharing sessions to learn from each other and benchmark data. Read our latest case study to learn more.

 UniCredit Bulbank’s ESG Learning Journey
1 minutes read

Certified Top Employer UniCredit Bulbank is the leading bank in Bulgaria and a member of UniCredit, a successful pan-European commercial bank operating in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. Learn about their ESG Learning Journey in this case study now.

Key Takeaways| Virtual Fireside Chat: Building a Learning Culture with Huawei’s Lesley White
4 minutes read

Lesley White, the Deputy VP of HR in the Western European Region for Huawei, caught up with David Plink, our CEO, on the of 12th October 2021 in one of our virtual fireside chats: “Building a Learning Culture”

How Can HR Directors Help Development through Learning
5 minutes read

The development of people has always been essential for Top Employer organisations, but the Covid-19 pandemic served to move their learning journey even further up the agenda. Organisations that were dependant on classroom training quickly needed to develop a digital infrastructure for learning. As some regions begin to emerge from the pandemic, it is obvious that there have been changes in the philosophy underpinning learning and development.

Nestlé Research fosters innovation
Hr best practice
1 minutes read

In 2021, there are 1 691 Top Employers are at the forefront of innovative people practices. We have seen first-hand how each of these organisations continues to transform business and develop their people from the onset of the pandemic until today. On World Creativity and Innovation Day, we shine the spotlight on Nestlé Research for supporting and prioritising knowledge-sharing networks in their drive to stimulate innovation.

Technology and People at Work: Reshaping HR
1 minutes read

Our latest report, "Technology and people at work: Reshaping HR", is the result of months of research and interviews with HR specialists, conducted during 2020 in collaboration between Julhiet Sterwen and Top Employers Institute. This report reveals the latest technology trends in HR and focuses on new perspectives for the digital era.

PUMA’s Home Academy
1 minutes read

In early 2020, when many employees across the globe were no longer allowed to work from their usual workplaces due to COVID-19, PUMA’s People & Organisation team was tasked with keeping their colleagues safe and with maintaining employee engagement. This case study details the solution implemented by PUMA.