Work from Home Day 2023

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By Sinakho Dhlamini, HR Content Specialist, Top Employers Institute
Sinakho Dhlamini
Content Marketing Specialist
How Human Centric Working is Making Working from Home More Accessible for Workers

While the concept of consistently having the option to work from home has become increasingly popular among businesses due to the global pandemic, there has been some pushback from organisations on this new way of working as business returns to normal. However, despite some pushback, working from home in a hybrid or fully remote capacity isn’t going anywhere. It is instead being embraced across the globe. 

It is a flexible approach that offers numerous benefits to employees and businesses. In this article, we will look briefly at some of the benefits that come with working from home as well as shining a light on how Top Employers Institute incorporates its human-centric approach to work to not only facilitate flexibility in terms of working from home but how the organisation also allows their employees a new level of autonomy over their work. 

The Benefits of Working from Home in 2023

As the air of novelty around the concept of working from home fades in 2023, the benefits of it remain consistent. In the World of Work Trends Report 2023, we explored the changing landscape of personalisation, particularly defining work hours. While this article cannot go into as much detail as that report, it can emphasise that leading organisations still allow varying remote/hybrid work levels in 2023. 

These organisations are also allowing their employees more autonomy around when and how these schedules are organised, a significant change from previous years where working from home was seen as necessary to weather the health impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. Organisations are no longer reacting to uncertainty; instead, they are implementing working-from-home policies because they see the positive effects of working from home and the flexibility it grants employees. Some of the most significant benefits that come with working from home include:

Improved employee engagement and productivity.

  • Working from home provides employees with a comfortable environment that suits their needs, free from distractions that may occur in a busy office. This can help them to structure their time more effectively, leading to better time management and increased focus.

Reduced employee turnover.

  • Allowing employees to work from home can reduce employee turnover rates. Employees who are given the flexibility to work from home are generally more satisfied with their job and are less likely to leave the company. This can lead to higher levels of loyalty and commitment, resulting in a more stable workforce.

Flexible working improves work-life balance for employees.

  • Allowing employees to work from home helps employees to have more flexibility to allow them to perform at work while still being able to manage personal day-to-day tasks. When working from home, employees can spend time between assignments to do smaller home tasks that would usually be left for the evening when they are not in the office. While most of their time is still spent working, being at home allows them to find a more convenient balance as they no longer need to be in a specific space to complete a work task. 

Improved inclusivity.

  • There has been a positive relationship established with organisations embracing working from home and an improved diversity and inclusion strategy. That is because allowing employees to spend some of their work time away from the office also will enable them to attract and retain workers that may have found it challenging to be in the office every day. Work-from-home policies allow these workers to be more comfortable working in jobs they may have previously been overlooked for.

The human-centric Approach to Work at Top Employers Institute

Top Employers Institute has been embracing a new way of working by redefining its people strategy as human-centric. This movement has been incorporated into a broader strategy because of how the organisation understands itself and its employees. 

That belief rests on knowing that everyone at Top Employers Institute is a professional. As such, they want to be successful. That success is a combination of great business results, well-being and impact. 

The human-centric approach to work means that there are three active participants to consider in any decision. Those are the individual, the team that they are a part of and the company that they work for. In any decision taken at Top Employers Institute, these players are considered at each point as they have different requirements that must be considered.

One of the most important foundations of making the human-centric approach work is understanding that people are able to work wherever and whenever they are at their best. It can facilitate a work-from-home policy that is not driven by numbers but by each individual and team as necessary. ‘

Watch the video below to learn more about how Top Employers Institute employees understand their organisation’s human-centric approach to work.

Final Thoughts 

A work-from-home policy can be valuable to any business looking to provide its employees with greater flexibility and improve productivity. In 2023 this will continue to be an essential part of any organisation’s people strategy and, as such, is not to be neglected. 


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Work from Home Day 2023

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