Talent Acquisition within JTI USA

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In this episode we will talk about Talent Acquisition where Inna Yakovchuk, HR Director at JTI USA, will share JTI's global and local HR practices and how simple ideas are increasing the talent pool for this company. You will also learn what JTI USA does to ensure a positive candidate experience.

Inna Yakovchuk is HR Director at JTI USA who has more than 15 years’ of experience in the field of recruitment & training. She joined JTI in Ukraine 13 years ago, mastered HR and got a broad cross-cultural experience. She spent a year at HQ Geneva, supporting the launch of the Employee Engagement Survey initiative. She supported establishment of Caucasus markets building their HR functions. Her areas of professional interest are people management, talent development, succession planning and organisational design. Inna holds CIPD HR Certification and currently, she is leading Human Resources for JTI's market in the US.


JTI is a leading global tobacco company operating in over 120 countries worldwide. They are one of the fastest growing international industry players over a ten-year period. Within the US, they market and sell the following key brands: LD, Wave, Wings, Export ‘A’; Logic & VapeLeaf, Prime Time, Smoker’s Choice and Golden Rush. JTI employs about 220 people in the USA.

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The book Inna refered to is: “The principles of scientific management” by Frederick W Taylor, 1911, link here.

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Talent Acquisition within JTI USA

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