The importance of employer branding

Our resident expert, Ammara Naeem, regional project manager at Top Employers Institute, shares her wealth of knowledge on the importance of employer branding

In the new war for talent, employer branding has never been more important. Building a reputation as an employer is key to attracting top talent and, therefore, has a direct impact on hiring. 

One of Top Employers Institutes' research project managers, Ammara Naeem completed her MBA project in employer branding at in Amsterdam. She nurtured her passion for HR in a US Embassy-affiliated school in Pakistan, where she worked as the HR Manager.

Her latest accomplishment is an MBA from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, which equipped her with the business knowledge and sense required in an HR professional.

In our latest podcast, Top Employers Institute's Poland country manager, Magdalena Kusik, discusses the importance of employer branding, what companies should consider when designing the employer branding strategy and how ROI can be measured. 

We cover: 

  • The role of employer branding within an already well-known and well-established company 
  • Whether employer branding is a consideration beyond the HR department
  • The activities worth considering when creating an employer branding strategy
  • The ROI of employer branding activities and how can they be measured
  • Why international companies value employer branding strategies and practices and how its role in attracting, engaging and keeping top talents
  • What's necessary when considering about different generations

Listen to the full podcast for more information, and read our quick guide to employer branding here