Top Employer of the Month - STIB-MIVB

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Taking part in the Top Employer program helps us to focus on our HR processes, making a yearly overall check on each of them.

Which trends do you think will be central in the world of HR in 2022 and beyond?

I think digitalization will be an important issue for 2022 and the years to come. Because of the War for Talent, candidates will be indulged and taken care of. As the labour market rules with offer and demand, a choice of jobs or employers is offered to the candidate. Digitalization will help us to streamline our processes making them easier and faster for the candidates to apply. This will create a better candidate experience, important for his/her perception of the company. Combined with the digitalization, we’re working on a new HR organization to create a stronger (internal) client orientation, as a response to the business needs as well as the employee experience. Digitalization will also help us to understand our colleagues and teams better, to develop them more effectively, and to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. The common purpose is to optimize the attraction of candidates but also strengthen the retention of our employees.  

How has the Top Employers community contributed to your development?

Taking part in the Top Employer program helps us to focus on our HR processes, making a yearly overall check on each of them. This allows us to use our magnifying glass to draw attention to certain processes in order to optimize them or adapt them to what happens on the labour market and according to the results of the Top Employer survey. Everyone is on the go all year long and thus taking a moment to reflect on the way we work is important and constructive. Sharing best practices with other employers on specific items also helps us having a finger on the pulse.

How has being a Top Employer helped your employer brand?

Our participation in the Top Employer Program, for 8 years now, allows us to position our company as a Top Employer on the labour market. As the competition is getting really tough, the Top Employer seal we use on all our employer branding communication helps us to stand out and differentiate ourselves on the market and get reached and seen by the candidates. It also guarantees a certain quality of processes towards candidates. Studies have shown communication using the Top Employers seal convinces more candidates to apply at the company, and I can easily agree with that.

Why is benchmarking with other organizations important to you?

The benchmarking tool proposed by Top Employer allows us to position ourselves on the job market, to check whether we are 'following' the latest trends, even if a large structure such as ours with almost 300 different functions does not always allow this. This allows us to compare ourselves with our 'competitors' despite our monopoly situation.

How do you ensure that processes are coordinated in times of change?

The digitalisation of HR processes will enable us to better coordinate the collaboration between the different HR departments, ‘fluidify’ internal processes et create added value for the business and for the candidates. This can only be to the advantage of our employees and future candidates.



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Top Employer of the Month - STIB-MIVB