Top Employer of the month - Deutsche Bank

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Why is benchmarking with other organizations important to you? 

It is our strong desire to be and to stay an employer of choice in the Finance sector in Belgium, and that is why we find it important to benchmark our HR processes to those of other organizations. It allows us to get a clear understanding of what we’re doing good already but also -and maybe more important-  of what practices or processes we can make better. We take the results very seriously at the top management level and set ambitious goals each year about the items we want to work on as an organization to improve our scores. We then measure success against the results of the next survey.     

How does Top Employers help you attract the best talent and grow as an employer of choice?  

It is clear that the war for talent is high on the agenda in 2022 and will probably remain so afterwards. Attracting the right talents for the growth of our Private-, Wealth- and Corporate Banking divisions requires a different approach in today’s market.

Our approach to attracting, retaining, and developing the best diverse talents has evolved since the pandemic and will continue to do so. At the heart of our strategy is strong leadership, based on trust, collaboration, and empathy.

We strive to build a diverse and inclusive environment, one where employees feel valued and able to speak up and one that reflects the society we operate in as a bank.  Getting this right will strengthen the connections, across teams and countries.

Our mindset has evolved from asking our people to work on something, to encourage our people to work toward something- linked to a clear sense of belonging, a purpose, and focus on the “why”.  Obtaining the Top Employers Certification is a quality label with which we demonstrate what is important to us for candidates in the market but also for our employees.

How has the Top Employers certification helped improve your HR policy? 

We are, of course, striving to achieve a better score every year and thus raise the bar at each round.

Participating in the Top Employers Certification and getting feedback from the TE institute but also from other companies brings valuable insights each year and many practical tips that help us in improving different HR practices and policies. This is a real source of inspiration every year!

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Top Employer of the month - Deutsche Bank