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''Top Employers Certification has helped us to discover the gap between our HR Practices and the Best Practices defined by Top Employer Institute and to invest in closing these gaps.''

What are your key HR priorities for 2022 and why?

  • Our main priorities for 2022 are:
  • Continuous learning
  • Well-being
  • Attract & Retain Employees
  • Skills Development

Tell us more about continuous learning, how do you integrate it in your plan?

One of the key themes in learning & development is continuous learning. While we often think of learning as programs or courses, at Cegeka we choose to make continuous learning inherent in our daily activities. Learning can take different forms and is an active part of life. It’s about the ongoing expansion of skills through experiencing, trying, sharing, and increasing knowledge. The power lies in dealing with this consciously to be/remain at your best. Continuous learning means making learning happen in your daily routine.At Cegeka we believe continuous learning is an attitude, a source of happiness, an energizer, and boosts your self-confidence.

Does your focus lie as well on well-being this year?

One of our focus themes this year/in the upcoming years is our employees’ well-being. In the last two years, we navigated a pandemic and people faced many challenges at home and work. In the aftermath of the pandemic, people are reconsidering their well-being and a good work-life balance. We created a well-being charter, and a content portal and offer courses to empower our managers and employees. Our well-being charter represents 4 dimensions: mental health, physical health, talent & skills, and social life. From the organization to managers and employees: everyone contributes to happiness at work. We foster a culture where people feel safe, happy, and included. It is important to create a workplace where people can unlock their potential and are resilient to cope with challenges in the workplace. Work can be challenging at times but finding the right work-life balance and disconnecting from work is essential to well-being.

What about attracting and retaining employees?

In the IT world where the war of talent is in full swing, it is all the more important to be an attractive employer. Employer Branding is therefore very important. The recruitment process must be well developed and must ensure that no unconscious bias is present. We also put a lot of effort into Young Graduates, in that context we also provide guest lectures at various colleges and universities to make Cegeka known to the future Young Graduates population. Attention to Internal Mobility is very important to be able to continue to deploy our talents internally. We are also focusing on Boomerang recruitment, whereby we approach former employees of Cegeka again to come back to work for Cegeka.

How do you work on employees' skills development?

To succeed, you need the right people, with the right skills, in the right position at the right time. We started a project with TechWolf which uses an AI engine that automatically monitors our employees’ skills based on HR information and the digital footprint they develop on the work floor. Discover what capabilities are already present, see which future skills are lacking and identify efficient paths to upskilling, reskilling, and hiring.

Which trends do you think will be central in the world of HR in 2022 and beyond?

I think that in the coming years more and more HR analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be used within the HR world. Many companies have a wealth of information about their employees, but a lot of it is still based on gut feeling. Companies that can use this data wisely will be able to make a difference in the future.

How has the Top Employers community contributed to your development?

By being part of the Top Employer Community, you have the opportunity to discover the Best Practices of other Top Employers and to exchange experiences. By participating in the Best Practices Workshop events, you also get to know other Top Employers and you can share knowledge about the topics on offer. In addition, you can also use MatchMakers where you are put in contact with another Top Employer to share more in-depth information and knowledge.

How has the Top Employers certification helped improve your HR policy?

Top Employers certification has helped us to discover the gap between our HR Practices and the Best Practices defined by Top Employer Institute and to invest in closing these gaps.

To what extent has data from Top Employers helped you achieve better coordination between countries?

It has helped us to discover the differences between the different countries within the different HR Practices and to align them further.

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