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Tory De Bassio

LEAP (Lead, Engage, Align, Perform) is a transformative programme that addresses the future direction of Equiniti (EQ) and how the organisation plans to get there while bringing its values to life. It was a significant investment in their employees to equip leaders, managers and teams with the emerging skills needed to build a stronger EQ for the future.

Everyone at EQ has been offered the chance to participate in LEAP, the single largest​​​​​ learning and development programme EQ has ever launched.

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Why the Practice was needed: 

In 2021, Equiniti was acquired by the United States private equity group Siris Capital, who brought strategic, operational and fintech expertise to EQ to transform the business into a leading global share registrar and offer complementary services to its client base. This acquisition brought significant change and the subsequent creation of a new EQ vision, strategy, and consequential plans to reflect the organisation's new ambitions.

The LEAP programme equipped leaders to manage the change for themselves and their teams. EQ needed leaders whose leadership style promoted employee engagement and had the right approach to support employees through business transformation and change. It was essential that EQ leaders had a solid understanding of EQ's strategy and had the skills to cascade the key messages and inspire and guide their teams to gain alignment throughout the business.

How the practice was implemented: 

EQ's LEAP Objectives

  • Be able to explain the future direction of EQ and the plan to get there.
  • Consciously choose which 'role' you need to be in to obtain the results/impact you need.
  • Demonstrate different approaches with the intent to engage with others.
  • Be able to role model the EQ Values and bring them to life with those around you.
  • Demonstrate greater appreciation and value for diversity & inclusion in others.

LEAP Content Summary

  • EQ wanted to create a programme with support from the top – the CEO delivered a live session to every cohort, shared his insight about leadership and expectations in EQ, and answered any questions the employees had. Another board member also attended one of the three days off-site for the senior leaders to show support and assist with the programme. This was received very positively by employees and demonstrated the programme's support from senior leaders.
  • An Insight Discovery profile for each employee was seen as a valuable tool to raise self-awareness and explore the value of diversity. Leaders discussed how this could support them in managing and engaging their teams during the sessions.
  • To manage change, the organisation used the 'personal logical levels of the change model' to explore the influence a leader has on the business culture and environment for themselves and their team.

LEAP Roll-Out

LEAP consists of a series of learning opportunities available to everyone within the organisation, but employees have not been actively pursued to attend the programme. Progress has been provided on enrolment and attendance. However, the focus has always been on the leadership teams to engage with their employees to ensure everyone had the opportunity. EQ sees this as a different approach when compared to other L&D or HR lead programmes.


Level One – Reaction of the employees

All feedback from the board and senior leaders scored the course an eight or above out of ten, and input received from Middle Managers scored five or above, with 95% scoring an eight or above. One of the comments they received was:

  • "It was a well-organised program with a lot of interactions. It made you reflect on some actions you can change in your leadership approach". 

Level Two - Learning and an increase in knowledge

Example of one of the top three actions committed to put into place following the session:

  • "Share information with my leadership team so they too have a better understanding before they begin their trainingAll team meetings will focus on the values and how they contribute to the success of our organisation as well as leadership". 

Level Three – Behavioural Change

EQ's e-NPS has increased by +13 since January 2023, which can be closely attributed to the success of the LEAP programme. Further analysis of key drivers of employee engagement, which align with the objectives of the LEAP programme, has shown the following improvements:

  • Management Support measure within the Peakon survey has increased by +9 points since January 2023, showing employees feel more supported and understood by their managers.
  • Strategy measures within the Peakon survey have increased by +16 points since January 2023, demonstrating that more employees feel aligned and understand EQ strategy and its part in its success.

Level Four – ROI / Results

The programme's purpose was to change and develop leadership behaviour, so EQ's evaluation has mainly focused more on behavioural change evaluation aspects. Still, they have also seen improvement in voluntary attrition.




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