Tory De Bassio

Tory De Bassio
Tory DeBassio is a Research and Content Writer at Top Employers Institute and works primarily to help identify and write about HR Best Practices. Top Employers Institute’s Best Practices are available to all our current clients and feature excellent HR practices from Top Employers around the world. The collection, with over 95 practices published, is organised by industry, region, and HR topic and has been built as a resource for companies to learn more about and to be inspired by what other organisations are doing within HR.

Originally from Boston, MA, USA, Tory has a Master of Science in Persuasive Communication (2021) and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (2008). With a background in global recruiting, Tory is happy to contribute to TEI’s research and insights. She lives in The Netherlands with her husband, daughter, and cat.
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