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Starting Off on the Right Foot with Bosch China
Hr best practice
2 minutes read

Bosch in China Shares Tips for Creating an Effective Onboarding Experience

Why Developing an Effective (Remote) Offboarding Process is Important
4 minutes read

Remotely onboarding and offboarding employees are becoming the norm across organisations globally. These practices are revealing new challenges and opportunities in these new and established practices. While we explored some of these opportunities in our past article about onboarding, this article is focused on current practices around remote offboarding. The article will explore how people practices around offboarding are being adapted to meet the virtual digital landscape many employees are currently navigating.

Unlocking the Future of Onboarding for the Remote Worker
4 minutes read

Onboarding is an essential part of any organisation. The process of onboarding is a critical aspect of integrating new employees into the company. A well-constructed and thought-out onboarding system can make the difference in, not only, an employee’s satisfaction at work but can also make a significant difference in how employees see their career in the organisation. It can make the initial difference between organisations that retain talent and those that lose talented members of their organisation.

HR Technology within JYSK
1 minutes read

In this podcast episode, Matthew Burns, Head of HR at JYSK, shares his experience and knowledge about HR Technology.

A new employee: Digital solutions for a smoother on-boarding
5 minutes read

The integration of new colleagues is one of the most important tasks of the HR-work. Are you already digitalising this process?

6 effective tips for a smooth employee on-boarding
2 minutes read

First impressions make a big impact on your employees experience of your organisation.