Top Employers Spain take action amid the outbreak

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By Miquel Calvet, Communication Manager, Top Employers Institute
Miquel Calvet
A look at some of the initiatives taken by leading organisations in Spain during these challenging times.


  • Teleworking, time flexibility or reinforcement of telematic channels are some of the many actions implemented. 
  • Organisations have had to adapt to a situation of enormous complexity in record time. 
  • EY, Indra, ING, MAPFRE and Securitas Direct explain their complete initiatives against COVID-19. 

The pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus has been a huge challenge for companies and their Human Resources departments, which have had to adapt in record time. 

Top Employers in Spain companies have immediately deployed a battery of measures to address the COVID-19 health alert, while ensuring maximum security for employees and the best service to customers. 

Irene Martínez, HR Research Project Manager at our Top Employers Institute in Spain, reflects "The previous steps that Top Employer organisations had already taken in our country in areas such as flexible work schemes, change management, teleworking or technological resources for internal communication have been of great help to them in achieving a rapid adaptation to the complex situation unfolding as the pandemic continues to surge."  

Interviews with certified Top Employees in Spain, including EY, Indra, ING, MAPFRE and Securitas Direct explain their HR initiatives in dealing with the impact of the coronavirus on their employees. 

EY: A commitment to telework 

EY decided on March 5th that their 3 100 employees at their Madrid office should resort to remote working after identifying a positive case of coronavirus in their workforce. The professional services firm activated Phase 2 of its Prevention Protocol, which included their Smart Working guidelines, to guarantee the health and safety of its employees and continuity of excellence in customer service.  

The previous week, Phase 1 had been activated, which included travel restrictions, cancellation of events and a daily take-home requirement for laptops and mobile phones in order to be prepared in case Phase 2 was activated. The long-standing commitment that EY has shown to the implementation of teleworking policies for more than two years allows this Top Employer to have the necessary means and technological resources to continue providing its services with the same attention and quality as always; as well as to maintain continuous communication between all their employees.  

Indra: flexibility and remote work for conciliation 

Flexibility and the possibility of working remotely has been a reality at Indra long before the COVID-19 outbreak, which has intensified in recent years as part of the cultural transformation plan.  

In order to continue outstanding customer serviceminimise the risk of coronavirus transmission, protect employeesand facilitate work-life balance with families, Indra ramped up its policy so that its employees, as far as possible, can carry out their activity through various work from home options.  

 For those required to be present at their work centers, Indra analyses models of flexibility and activity and revision of shifts in order for employees to cover their personal needs. Measures have also been taken to protect those who are most at risk, such as pregnant women or people who suffer from chronic diseases. 

ING: maximum flexibility 

Taking care of the health of its employees is a priority for ING. Therefore, their Spanish office has organised themselves in a coordinated way to continue guaranteeing the service to their clients and to facilitate the personal lives of the bank's employees. The main measure they have implemented is remote working for all employees, including the teams that carry out the essential activities for the bank, who work separately to minimise the risk of infection.  

In addition, they have made necessary guidelines easily accessible, firstly so that their people can use the required work tools off site as efficiently as possible, and also so that they can encourage their people to take all the preventive and hygienic measures needed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Finally, they have made their working hours as flexible as possible so that, in this exceptional situation, employees can make their work compatible with caring for their children and relatives.    

MAPFRE: reinforcing telematic channels 

At the outset, MAPFRE implemented a medical emergency procedure with the aim of safeguarding the health of its employees and collaborators, as well as guaranteeing business continuity and service to its customers.  

Within the framework of this procedure, this Top Employer has deployed specific action plans, adapting them to the circumstances of the various countries in which it operates, always in line with local health authorities.  

In addition to emphasising the importance of disseminating information on steps to avoid infection and reduce the spread of the outbreak, MAPFRE has promoted specific prevention measures. The organisation has increased the number of employees in Spain who are working remotely by more than 90% to reduce the risk of contagion and to be able to guarantee the service.   

Securitas Direct: teleworking, conciliation and constant communication 

At Securitas Direct, since the beginning of the health crisis, the safety of its employees has been its top priority. Bearing in mind the diversity of profiles within the organisation, they evaluated each case to adapt to their needs, with teleworking and work-life balance plans, with the firm intention of continuing to offer their customers the best service.  

Similarly, transparency has been one of their main objectives, based on consistent communication to avoid unnecessarily spreading the virus. Likewise, all the recommendations provided by the authorities have been deployed, as well as additional hygiene and disinfection measures, successfully implemented thanks to the total involvement and commitment of its collaborators.  

In addition, this Top Employer’s occupational risk department and own medical service are available to support their employees. All this action is directed by a specialised committee that, minute by minute, supervises the operability and quality of the strategy carried out and allows decisions to be taken timeously. 


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Top Employers Spain take action amid the outbreak

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