Key takeaways | Digitalisation and the Employee Journey

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By Saadiq Samodien, Online Event Specialist, Top Employers Institute
Saadiq Samodien
Regional Marketing Manager APAC

The  Top Employers 2021 Celebration held on 28 January 2021 brought together HR industry experts from around the world to celebrate the work done in HR and knowledge share the best people practices.  

One of the breakout sessions, called "Digitalisation and the employee journey "focused on integrating digitalisation in the employee journey. With the onset of the pandemic, organisations have been forced to accelerate their digital journey across the full spectrum of the employee life cycle. The session was hosted by Billy Elliot, Regional Manager Top Employers Institute Africa, with guest speakers Rosa Lee (Executive Vice President HR at Bosch), Ronnie Chen (HR Vice President at Roche Pharma China) and Matimba Mbungela (CHRO at Vodacom Group).  

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Takeaway #1: Using digitalisation across the employee life cycle  

Digitalisation has opened limitless possibilities for the world. It should be seen as an opportunity to deliver a differentiated employee experience.  Digital enablement in HR cuts across the entire life cycle. This is before an employee joins, during their time as an employee and offboarding and beyond. As an example of this, Matimba Mbungela explained how Vodacom created an all-encompassing digital platform where the employee life cycle was developed on. The platform, which was developed into an app, included reward, learning and development and all aspects of the employee journey (e.g. applying for leave). The app not only empowers employees on their journey, but also is a differentiating factor for attracting and retaining the best talent.  

Takeaway #2: Translating business digital strategy to the HR strategy 

Rosa Lee explained how a company such as Bosch, which is 135 years old, has realised the need to transform to a digital company. Due to the size of this task, theyapproach digitalisation as a marathon instead of a sprint. Bosch has made a firm decision to approach their digital journey through AIOT (artificial intelligence of things) and apply it in different domains. To enable this, Bosch has created a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) structure, which includes HR and has enables the new role of HRCDO (Human Resources, Chief Digital Officer). This role is responsible for HR digitalisation at all levels and functions. The trend of hybrid roles between digital and HR is expected to continue into the future.

Takeaway #3:  HR is undergoing a digital evolution 

In recent years, the HR digital journey has come a long way, with a strong focus on enhancing employee experience. Ronnie Chen provided a few examples of how this plays out at Roche Pharma. As an example of this, Roche Pharma built a robot that can assist employees with HR administrative tasks. They have also transformed their onboarding and offboarding process to be 99% paperless.

Furthermore, managers have been enabled to receive higher quality interviewees through gaming and artificial intelligent interviews. As a result of all these new initiatives, improved collaboration across the organisation has emerged and teams such as ‘people insight and technology chapters’ have formed. HR thus operates in a much broader eco-system than previously.

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Key takeaways | Digitalisation and the Employee Journey