Employee Engagement and Total Rewards Systems at JTI Poland

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What is employee engagement and why is it so important for organisations? What is a Total Rewards System? How these two are connected? How do you find out what your employees want and once you know this, how do you communicate it and make sure that employees understand that the organisation is proactive and willing to support their needs?

These are only some of the questions we asked Hristina Kancheva, HR Director at JTI Poland in today’s conversation.

Hristina has acquired strong organizational and people management skills working for Coca-Cola, JTI and some local Bulgarian companies. She understands the importance of ongoing communication and transparency towards employees. Moreover, during today's conversation, she explains how the Top Employers recognition adds to the employee engagement and what it means towards all employees, the society and even other companies.

Hristina shares JTI’s approach towards employee engagement and their best practices on the Total Rewards System.

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Books that Hristina refers to:

Steve Jobs - by Walter Isaacson

Game of Thrones – by George R.R. Martin

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Employee Engagement and Total Rewards Systems at JTI Poland

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