By Top Employers Institute
By Top Employers Institute

Helvetia Case Study: The Impact of Internal Best Practices Sharing

Certified Top Employer Helvetia Insurance, established in 1858, is headquartered in St. Gallen Switzerland. As an organisation they currently have over 11 500 employees and more than 7 million customers across their different operating countries.

Helvetia have prioritised improving their people practices over the past few years as they joined the Top Employers programme. In recent years they have wanted to improve their practices not only through benchmarking but also through learning from the various Helvetia branches. This desire for improvement and learning lead them to create an internal best practice sharing session.

Download the Case Study to learn how:

  • Helvetia have been able to create a unified best practice sharing session that has improved HR practices across their offices.
  • They use the Top Employers programme to guide the improvement of their HR practices.
  • Employees in Helvetia have experienced the internal best practices sharing sessions.