Inclusion at Scale

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Understanding HCL Technologies’ Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

Certified Top Employer HCL Technologies is a global technology company that helps businesses adapt to and excel in the digital age. With four decades of experience, 187 000 ‘ideaprenuers,’ and operations in over 50 countries, the company’s technology products and services are enhanced by its long history and extensive network. At the core of their longevity and management of such successful, large-scale operations is a commitment to fostering a positive workplace environment. 

A robust diversity and inclusion programme is a key part of their company culture. “Inclusion at Scale” is an internal programme that translates their diversity and inclusion goals into continuous education, practical application, and awareness initiatives. Featuring four phases, the programme entails micro-learning opportunities, conversation guides, performance management processes, and an LGBTQ educational series about key issues in the community and allyship. Ultimately, the programme’s goal is for these diversity and inclusion practices to become the default, part of business as usual. 

The programme’s guiding philosophy believes that unless inclusion is a priority, exclusion happens unintentionally. Diversity is a seat at the table, while inclusion is a voice at the table. It is essential to treat these two values equally and that they work in partnership. With these values firmly in place, employees have a safe space to share their unique skills and ideas. 

HCL’s desire to foster a safe and healthy work environment and continuously improve their products and services motivates the company to prioritise this initiative. Diverse teams outperform homogenous groups in innovation, creativity, empathy, and other key metrics. Productivity increases, subsequently increasing revenue. Additionally, an inclusive environment makes employees feel valued and that their contributions are taken seriously. They feel more invested in the company’s future. High employee satisfaction is a powerful recruitment and retention tool, meaning there will be more talent to choose from as the company grows. 

The benefits are not only internal. Having a diverse and inclusive team better enables a company to connect with potential and current clients. When employees have a similar background to the client, they understand cultural nuances at play in the relationship. Customers feel more respected and understood. Just as employee satisfaction increases because of these values, so does customer satisfaction. With so many internal and external benefits, these practices are clearly relevant to everyone and not limited to certain groups or minorities. 

Watch this video to hear Debasis Sarkar, Vice President of Human Resources, Head HCL APAC & Middle East and Enterprise HR Head HCL Technologies, share more insights about the company’s diversity and inclusion philosophy and the impact of their programmes. He describes three key actions all employees are encouraged to take, the importance of learning nudges at all levels of leadership, and other best practices from HCL’s Inclusion at Scale programme.

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Inclusion at Scale

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