We are proud of our gold, blue and red Top Employer seals!

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To what extent did Top Employers contribute to the alignment of your HR policy? 

We cannot fully emphasize the value of the Top Employers assessment in supporting our businesses processes and People & Culture policies. We have gained meaningful insights into our established and incoming practices, not only in Scandinavia but globally. They have provided us with tangible opportunities we can use to improve going forward.

One example of the changes we implemented after the assessment includes making a shift towards maintaining a constant dialogue around performance management throughout the year. We have also implemented a wider range of career development initiatives while taking steps to become a truly diverse and inclusive employer

To what extent has data from Top Employers helped you achieve better coordination between countries? 

The Top Employers assessment gives us greater insight into the importance of maintaining consistency in our HR processes across the world. The data shows us that, generally, our employees have very similar needs and expectations across our regions, with some local variations.

It means that we can coordinate effectively on many projects like, for example, Make It Bright, our global internship program. We can also be confident in sharing best practices as we know there will be noticeable benefits in other JTI countries.    

How do you ensure that processes are coordinated in times of change? 

In the past 18 months, there has been a surge of enthusiasm amongst employees' performance and commitment.  It has led to a significant increase in multi-tasking and willingness to take on many different tasks and projects.  It has been a challenge for managers and leaders, who need to invest more time than ever in structuring activities and following up regularly to make sure everything is on track.

JTI has been on an agile journey over the past two years, focusing on empowerment, collaboration, and reflection.   An important element of working agile is being clear on accountability and responsibility. It is a journey we are on together with our employees.

How do you use the seal internally to increase engagement? 

We are proud of our gold, blue and red Top Employer seals! For our employees the seals represent an external and independent confirmation that JTI ensures high standards across all aspects of work and the workplace. In Scandinavia, we have been achieving our seals for 8 years. This gives our employees a high sense of satisfaction and engagement and clearly displays our ongoing commitment to them as an employer.    



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We are proud of our gold, blue and red Top Employer seals!

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