Our HR priorities are all about accelerating the impact of our talent.

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What are your key HR priorities for 2023 and why?

Our HR priorities revolve around maximizing the potential of our talent and fostering a culture of high performance by focusing on:

  • Driving our cultural transformation through a leader development & culture program “Engage – Shape – Perform”
  • Empowering and supporting all our people to take ownership of their careers, enabling them to reach their full potential
  • Shaping a caring environment, in which wellbeing & employee experience at scale is key
  • Implementing future ways of working (digital – data analytics – virtual assistant & automation)
  • Embedding Diversity, Equity and inclusion further into everything we do


Which trends do you think will be central in the world of HR in 2023 and beyond?

Important trends in HR that we are taking into account in our strategies are the:

  • Move from intuition & bias to evidence based working through data analytics
  • Switch from job based to skill based working
  • Hybrid working and new office concepts
  • Focus on selfcare – more focus on preventive action over curative


How has being a Top Employer helped your employer brand?

The Top Employer certification helps to benchmark our company against other top employers and provides useful insights into areas we can still develop or innovate further.  It is of course also an important employer branding tool, which can differentiate us from competitors.  Many candidates are very well aware of it, and as the labour market is candidate driven, it is really supportive for our brand and for attracting the right candidates.


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Our HR priorities are all about accelerating the impact of our talent.

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