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Best Practice | A New Kind of Interview with American Express (Amex)
4 minutes read

In a fun interview format shared across social media, American Express (Amex) used current employees as talent brand ambassadors.

How Saint-Gobain, Capgemini and bioMérieux are Engaging Employees from a Human-Centric Perspective
9 minutes read

Engaging employees has always been a priority for organisations wanting to get the best out of their people. Over the years, there have been many strategies to engage employees, and more recently, organisations have begun to use a human-centric approach. Read this article to see how Top Employers like Saint-Gobain, Capgemini and bioMérieux engage with their employees.

Nurturing Talent: Retention Strategy Insights from BAT
5 minutes read

As a certified Top Employer, BAT recognises that talent retention is critical in a rapidly changing and volatile labour market. Limited growth opportunities and a lack of skill development often motivate employees to seek new opportunities elsewhere. To help ensure top talent joins and remains at the company, BAT implemented a Career Conversation series.

Making an Impact: GroupM’s DEI Sponsorship Programme
7 minutes read

During the 2022 Top Employers Institute’s Best Practices Week, Androna Benadé had the opportunity to speak with Amy Walker, Inclusion and Diversity Manager for GroupM, a UK-based media investment company and certified Top Employer, about the company’s new DEI sponsorship initiative. Get inspired and learn more about their innovative programme here.

Case Study: Talent, Borders and Benchmarks - The Dana Way
1 minutes read

In our latest case study discover how Dana Hungary kft. have provided their employees with an international mindset and approach to the job by implementing an ambitious work programme. Download it now!

Seven Talent Tips for 2022
5 minutes read

As businesses have returned to some semblance of normality, the adverse impact of this on getting, growing and keeping talent has become much more obvious. With so many organisations facing difficulties around talent, what do UK businesses need to do now to be in the best possible shape for 2022? Here are our seven talent tips…

Talent Attraction and the Employee Experience
3 minutes read

To be the best, you need to attract the best. High-performing organisations win and keep new customers by hiring top talent to serve them. That means giving time, attention and investing in employer branding, talent acquisition and onboarding.

Outstanding people practices help advance organisations
2 minutes read

How do you ensure that your organisation has the very best employees to help your company grow from strength to strength and shine within your industry sector?