19 - 20 October

HR Dagarna

Join Us at HR Dagarna 2023

Theme: Under Construction

In a world characterised by constant change, the ability to adapt, learn, and progress is essential. This is especially true in the uncertain times we find ourselves in, where many aspects of our lives, organisations, and surroundings are under construction. Within this turbulence lie both new challenges and opportunities. How do we structure ourselves to collaborate more intelligently? How can we acquire knowledge that truly adds value? And most importantly, how do we ensure that individuals and human connections remain at the center?

We are proud to be a partner of HR Dagarna 2023, where we delve into the essence of being "Under Construction" and explore how to navigate this state. This event offers a multitude of perspectives, learning opportunities, chances for reflection, and practical applications – all designed to equip us for continued growth and change, both in our personal lives and professional environments.

Unlock new perspectives

Embark on an exploratory journey of collaboration at HR Dagarna's Co-creation Labs on October 19th. You'll have the opportunity to choose from six distinct LabRooms, each led by one or two facilitators. Edward Snijders and Rebecca Lundin will lead the LabRoom for Top Employers Institute. They will discuss "Embracing Neurodiversity: The Power of Unique Minds." Our ambition is to collectively uncover fresh insights, leaving you a little smarter than when you entered.

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