Talent Attraction and the Employee Experience

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By Ammara Naeem, Head of Client Success, Top Employers Institute

To be the best, you need to attract the best. High-performing organisations win and keep new customers by hiring top talent to serve them. That means giving time, attention and investing in employer branding, talent acquisition and onboarding.

That is why we produced the first in a series of three e-books on this subject. The e-books cover the entire employee journey – from the candidate’s experience of talent attraction, through to their career and performance development and finally onto aspects of employee engagement, such as well-being and best practices when an employee leaves the organisation.

The employee experience begins the moment a candidate becomes aware of an organisation’s brand. Whether their first touchpoint is through a social media platform or other routes, the purpose has always been to position the organisation as a leading employer. Increasingly, our Top Employers look closely at cultural and team fit when hiring. This can be a difficult area to get right and, given the scarcity of top talent, they need to look for innovative ways to hire many candidates at scale and speed.

Empowering through technology

A great example of this can be seen in the talent attraction strategy of HCL Technologies (HCL).  HCL empowers global businesses with its technology and this requires them to focus on hiring in bulk for roles that can be both technology-focused and client-facing. They have started using “mock hackathons” in their hiring process. These mock hackathons ask candidates to solve technical challenges along with an assessment of their soft skills. The combination of assessing technical and soft skills is ideal for HCL as they hire for multiple roles with teamwork at their core. The mock hackathons also allow HCL to complete assessments and candidate selection within as little as one day, something that is nearly impossible with traditional selection practices, which had previously run into multiple weeks. Overall, the campaign allows HCL to attract a wider audience of candidates, create interest among its peers and partners, and give technology candidates a chance to measure themselves against one another for highly sought-after positions.

Other best practices like these in talent attraction are presented in our first e-book on the Employee Experience and show how Top Employers benefit from sharing and comparing their knowledge when participating in our Certification Programme. And the full range of best practices, which covers a comprehensive array of HR topics across six domains and includes implementation guidelines, is shared exclusively with Top Employers in our annual HR Best Practices Report.

You can download our first e-book to discover what Top Employers are doing to improve their Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding efforts. These topics fall under the “Attract” domain in our HR Best Practices Survey. Our second e-book focuses on Top Employer People Practices for improving Performance, Career and Learning under the “Develop” domain. The third and final e-book looks at the “Engage” domain, with a specific focus on Well-being, Engagement, Rewards & Recognition and Offboarding.

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Talent Attraction and the Employee Experience