Key Takeaways | World of Work Trends 2024

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Top Employers Institute's World of Work Trends 2024 analyses the latest trends in people strategies and practices from leading organisations globally. The report, which came out recently, is available to download now. The report showed the five most significant global workplace trends in 2024. Those trends are:

  1. Empower through AI  
  2. The Future Defined with Purpose  
  3. Dialogue for Transformation  
  4. Evolution of Wellbeing Effectiveness  
  5. Broaden the Horizon of DEI  

The release of our annual World of Work Trends 2024 was followed by an online live briefing on the 7th of December 2023, with Quinten van Es and Emily Cook delving deeper into the trends. In their discussion, they touched on real-life examples of the trends and broke down the tactics organisations will need to take in 2024 to succeed.

If you missed out on the session, you can watch it now by filling in the form on the side of the page.

Make sure to unlock the core HR trends affecting organisations across the globe. Watch the session now.

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Key Takeaways | World of Work Trends 2024