Showcasing the Best in People Practices from Top Employers

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By Saadiq Samodien, Online Events Specialist, Top Employers Institute
Saadiq Samodien
Regional Marketing Manager APAC

Top Employers Institute hosted leading experts in HR from across the world in a global online event devoted to featuring the best people practices from the most inspiring minds in HR between 14 to 16 June 2022.

The employers that shared their best practices included: Capgemini, Boehringer Ingelheim, Smurfit Kappa, Infosys, BAT, DKV Mobility, Línea Directa, Smurfit Kappa, Tata Consultancy Service, DHL Express, Boehringer Ingelheim, GroupM UK, Covestro, Schaeffler, Sanofi, Philips and Bosch.

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The week showcased the very best in people practices and was filled with in-depth discussions on the best HR strategies and policies in leading organisations. Here are some highlights of each event that took place and key quotes from each session:

Day 1:

10 Best Practices to transform your workplace

In the opening session, Bronwen Davies, Global HR Auditor, and Top Employers Institute’s CEO, David Plink shared 10 examples of best practices. A range of topics were covered from sustainability to employer branding and more.

“It’s not enough to engage your employees, you need to involve them” – Wouter van Ewijk, Head of Brand and Content – Top Employers Institute

[German] Wie sich DKV Mobility mit einer authentischen Social Media Roadmap als Top-Arbeitgeber präsentiert

This session, which took place in German, was presented by DKV Mobility, who discussed how they present itself as a top Employer using an authentic social media roadmap.

“Every touchpoint with our organisation leaves an impression, shapes our employer brand and our ability to hire and retain great people”.  - Dr. Matthia Quellmelz-Gries, Team manager Talent Developmet & Emploer Branding Strategy, DKV-mobility 

BAT: Career conversations, demystifying talent SOP, and courageous conversation

In 2022, BAT created a series of conversations that unpacked important topics to create engagement and continuously educate our employees on best practice. This webinar discussed how they did this and what the outcomes were. -

“Empowered Organisation objective is to build an engaged, agile and high performing organisation with winning capabilities & culture delivering an Enterprise of the Future” - Lucy Evara - Head of HR for the East African Markets, BAT

Capgemini Rethinking leadership: how a leadership strategy can leverage a company's transformation

Capgemini paved the way for an ambitious leadership development programme: "Making Leaders". It has been designed as a high-profile training programme to support this strategic transformation. In this webinar, you will discover the main objectives of the programme, the tools used, and key results.

“To grow people around you, you have to be interested in who they are” - Franck Baillet - EVP Talent Management Learning & Development, Capgemini France

Mejores Prácticas de las empresas certificadas Top Employers en Latinoamérica

This session covered various topics in human resources and how they made a difference in organizations that were certified as Top Employers in Latin America. Interesting case studies were shown of companies such as Schneider Electric, Takeda and Cenit. 

“HR is engaging employees by implementing digital media and opening up to new possibilities and challenges.” - Rene Escobar - LATAM Account Manager, Top Employers Institute 

Day 2:

Explore the new trend of employees and organisations under the normalized management of epidemic situation

This session discussed the corona virus pandemic, which brought a series brought a series of changes to the organization's work mode and people strategy. It was a fascinating round table with leading HR experts from Covestro, Schaeffler, Sanofi, Philips and Bosch.

“Human Resources (or human talents in Chinese) is more about managing people’s hearts.” - Angela Zhou - Vice President Head of Han Reaources Greater China, Philips

[Spanish] Employer Branding con Línea Directa Aseguradora

The central focus of this topic was Employer Branding and Linea Directa’s approach it. At the core of the discussion, was to focus on ‘what makes a difference’. - “An organisation’s Employer Branding strategy is the reflection of the company’s values and communication.” 

Amelia Pérez Colmenero - Responsable de Recursos Humanos, Linea Directa Aseguradora

[Italian & English] EveryOne, il viaggio di Inclusion, Diversity & Equality secondo Smurfit Kappa

This session, which took place in Italian and English, discussed Smurfit Kappa’s approach to diversity in equality across give communities: disability; family and age; gender; LGBTQ + and allies; origin, race and ethnicity. - “We don’t use stock photos; we use pictures of our people. They stand out because they are committed and engaged with their own story.” -

Elena Franzosi - HR Director, Smurfit Kappa Italia (On Employer Branding)

TCS UK: The Power of Employee Networks

TCS UK will gave insight into its array of diverse Employee Networks and how they amplify employee voices throughout the organisation. They further discuss TCS UK’s D&I vision and how they put this into action with their employees. And how TCS UK amplifies employee voices via its Network of Networks. 

“Diversity is being invited to a party; inclusion is being asked to dance. At TCS our motto is: “inclusion without exception” - Anshoo Kapoor - Head Recruitment, TCS UK&I

Day 3:

DHL: Pole to Pole:  Connect like never before

DHL shared their inspiring best practice around how they connect their employees to a broader purpose with the following goals:

  • We run to the north pole & ski to the south pole
  • We raise $100,000 for a global environmental charity
  • We plant 100,000 trees around the world

“We are not reinventing the wheel but doing something different to connect people with their purpose at work.” - Paola Ini - Global Senior HR Projects, DHL Express (On DHL’s Pole to Pole programme)

Boehringer Ingelheim about the GTM transformation in MIDI & the T-Shape

Boehringer Ingelheim discussed how they build T-shape employees in addition to the job profile for Talent Acquisition (assessments), On the job development, and Career progression. 

“We are moving ahead of the curve by allowing people to learn what they need to know in the future, now”- Helen Doeswijk, People Growth Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim (On professional development and their T-Shape model)

 GroupM: Why Sponsorship is Crucial for Inclusion and Diversity Success

GroupM UK revealed why organisations need to go beyond mentorship and personal development to ensure diverse talent propel their careers, by accessing opportunities and powerful connections generated through sponsorship. - 

“Bias doesn’t only hurt people from diverse backgrounds, it hurts business outcomes too.” - Amy Walker - Inclusion and Diversity Manager, GroupM UK


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Showcasing the Best in People Practices from Top Employers