David Plink on Innovation & Leadership in a Rapidly Evolving World of Work

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Sinakho Dhlamini
Content Marketing Specialist

In September, David Plink, CEO at Top Employers Institute, participated in CNBC Africa's 2023 Future of Work Virtual Conference in a live panel discussion on leadership. He met with other C-suite leaders to discuss how work is changing and how leadership is innovating to meet the needs of their employees.

The other speakers in the panel included Dr Nejri Mwagiru, Senior Futurist at Africa: Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at the University of Stellenbosch, Amadou Diallo, CEO at DHL Global Forwarding Middle East & Africa, and Stephen van Coller, CEO at EOH.

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In the session, their discussion answered questions including:

  • How will the future of work impact income inequality, social mobility, and job security?
  • What policies and regulatory frameworks should be implemented to safeguard workers' rights and ensure a just transition?
  • How can governments, businesses, and civil society collaborate to mitigate the potential negative consequences of automation and ensure a fair distribution of opportunities?
  • And more.

The future of work is evolving as it is driven by technological advancements, changing demographics, and shifting economic landscapes. Watch the session in full below to hear more from this insightful session.

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David Plink on Innovation & Leadership in a Rapidly Evolving World of Work

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