Top Employers Germany CSR: Jambo Bukoba

Jambo Bukoba strives to empower young people in Tanzania through the common interest of sports.

To the rest of the world, Tanzania is best known as a destination for adventurous vacations: sun, sea, safari and the soaring heights of Kilimanjaro. It is, however, home to 57 million people, many of whom live in poverty without access to basic human rights 

Jambo Bukoba, a non-profit organisation based in Germany, strives to empower the youth of Tanzania through improving the quality of education, strengthening equal opportunities for girls, and improving health through access to clean water, sanitation and sporting facilities.   

“For many living in Europe, it can be difficult to imagine 200 children crammed into one classroom, or millions of children drinking dirty water every day,” says Franz Pöllinger, who is responsible for Jambo Bukoba’s Learning Safari Project. We want to change that and support Tanzania in its development as a country.”  

Under the guiding motto of helping people to help themselves, their aid projects include constructing schools, drinking wells, and sanitary facilities, as well as enabling teachers to educate children about hygiene, health and equal rights.   

Adrian Seligman, the Chief Commercial Officer at Top Employers Institute says, “We believe that education and equal rights are two of the building blocks that form the foundation of a better world of work. Thus, we choose to support the work of Jambo Bukoba in Tanzania once again this year.”   

Pöllinger accepted the donation from Top Employers Institute on 19 February 2020 in Düsseldorf. He explains, “This generous donation will be used for a new project vehicle that will enable us to transport much needed resources to the various schools we support in Tanzania. 


If you are interested in the work of Jambo Bukoba, visit: For an authentic form of sustainable support tourism for businesses in the Region Kagera, take a look at their Learning Safaris.