World of Work Trends Report 2022

Top Employers Institute’s World of Work Trends Report 2022 examines the latest trends in people strategies and practices from leading organisations globally. The report analysed data from 1 857 Certified Top Employers to give a broader insight into how global developments will impact workforces in the year ahead.

What’s Inside?

While our 2021 report reflected the turbulence of a working world reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s World of Work Trends Report 2022 offers more clarity around the ways in which these challenges have evolved and allowed for the emergence of new trends.

Our research shows that the number one priority for businesses, and in particular HR departments, in 2022 will be to support organisational and cultural change. This will present a major strategic opportunity for HR to shine, although our report also highlights many of the new challenges that will need to be overcome as businesses continue to work in environments blighted by pandemic-related uncertainties.

Our contributing researchers and HR auditors explore the changes happening in the world of work, focusing on three major trends that are shaping global people practices:

  • Unleash the power of the “Involved” employee
  • Deliver people agility through “Digit-ability”
  • Taming the “Wild West” of Work

The most successful organisations in 2022 will create a working environment in which employees are deeply involved in the design of almost everything the organisations, where people ability enabled by technology is a given, with the freedoms created by new working environments balanced by safeguards. These are workplace trends that will enable businesses to truly deliver a better world of work.