2nd April 2024

Webinar: Navigating a Dynamic Workforce

Register now for this interactive session to gain insights into unlocking business success by leveraging and empowering contracted, non-traditional talent.

Discover how adaptability, flexibility, and swift responsiveness to change will define modern organisations, where work is accomplished through a blend of human ingenuity and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Explore the landscape of hybrid and on-site work environments, where permanent employees collaborate seamlessly with freelancers, gig workers, and long-term contractors.

Learn about the external partnerships forged with service providers, vendors, and app developers that fuel innovation and productivity. Individuals are facing new challenges and opportunities  as we continue to navigate an ever-evolving work environment.

Discover the essential skills required for success, including:

  • A diverse skill set,
  • A willingness to embrace continuous learning,
  • The ability to seamlessly transition between tasks and roles.

Join Emily Cook, Senior HR Researcher at Top Employers Institute, and take a deep dive into our data. See what is really happening within top-performing organisations and get data-backed recommendations.

We will be using AI to provide live translation for this session in the form of audio and close-captioning in French, German, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.