29th February 2024

Elevating Your Brand and People in 2024 Practices: The Journey to Becoming a Top Employer in Asia-Pacific

Watch this recording to uncover the steps toward becoming a Top Employer in the Asia-Pacific region. As you’re taken through the steps to becoming a Top Employer, all the questions you’ve ever had about our validation and certification process will be answered. We have certified over 2303 companies’ people practices across the globe with the purpose of enriching the world of work.

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During this session:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of the steps required to become a Top Employer, as well as answers to any questions you may have about our validation and certification process.
  • Gain valuable knowledge from real-life examples of Asia-Pacific companies that have been certified as a Top Employer.
  • Discover a wide range of benefits associated with being recognised as a Top Employer in the Asia-Pacific region, including enhanced branding, benchmarking, and alignment with global HR standards