CHEP Swaziland (Pty) Ltd

Transport and Logistics
CHEP Swaziland (Pty) Ltd ha sido certificada como Top Employers Swaziland y Top Employers Africa.
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The way the world makes, moves and sells goods is being transformed. Technology has exploded consumer choice. At the same time, society expects businesses to reduce the impact of meeting that demand. CHEP helps move more goods to more people, in more places than any other organisation on earth. That is why we can make a real contribution to a smarter, more sustainable future.
Our people are practical and on the frontline of solving our customers’ challenges. We saw early on that sharing and reusing our finite resources is the right thing for society – and our business. Our customers use our assets over and over again. CHEP was built on this pioneering vision. And this circular model defines not just how we do things but who we are.
Our work has always eliminated waste throughout the supply chain. It protects our forests and reduces landfill. By collaborating with our customers we can do even more to solve shared challenges – from taking out transport miles to fighting food waste. Using the power of our platform, imagine what we can achieve by working together.

Número de empleados: 1846
Activo y los Países: 4

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