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Canon Italia

Electrónica, IT
Canon Italia ha sido certificada como Top Employers Italia y Top Employers Europe.
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Founded in 1937, Canon has maintained a global leadership position in the imaging industry for over 80 years. It develops, manufactures and sells with a B2B and B2C approach a wide range of products, from cameras to camcorders, from commercial printers to multi-function devices, from medical systems to industrial ones. Solutions and services to support companies in digitization and dematerialization of their business processes complete its portfolio.
The Canon brand is known and appreciated all over the world and occupies the fourth place in the Interbrand ranking of the best Japanese brands.
In 2019, it maintained the ranking as third in the US for patents filed, proud to be the only company in the world to stand in the top five positions for 34 consecutive years.
Kyosei's corporate philosophy conveys Canon's vision for a world that, regardless of race, religion or culture, lives and collaborates harmoniously for the common good, with the primary objective of enriching the lives of people and companies by pursuing sustainable growth.

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Nuestro objetivo y completo análisis demuestra que Canon Italia proporciona condiciones laborales excepcionales, apoya y fomenta el talento en todos los niveles de la empresa y se posiciona como líder en el mundo de los Recursos Humanos, esforzándose por mejorar las prácticas hacia sus empleados y evolucionar constantemente.

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