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Philip Morris Benelux BV

Consumer Goods and Services
Philip Morris Benelux BV ha sido certificada como Top Employers België/Belgique y Top Employers Europe y Top Employers Global.
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We're here to Make History

At PMI we are embracing change together to deliver a significant public health opportunity—that of a smoke-free future. From office and remote settings to factory floors and laboratories, we offer an inspirational environment to every one of our employees around the world. ​
We are an international business with employees from around the globe, including experts in science, R&D, digital, IT, sales, operations, customer service, and many other disciplines. ​

We are harnessing an inclusive and diverse work environment—one where every voice is heard and valued, regardless of background or identity.​
At PMI, we see diversity as our greatest strength. For example, we currently have 37 percent of management positions held by women, and aim to raise that to at least 40 percent by 2022. Working with our employees, we are driving forward discussions on gender, LBGTQ+, ethnicity and race, disability, and mental health. ​

These are dramatically changing times. But change is nothing new to us. We are transforming our business, and working with purpose and pride, and uniting to provide better choices for the world’s adult smokers who would otherwise continue smoking. At PMI, you’ll be part of a creative, collaborative culture in which leaders will nurture you, helping to develop your professional skills, and inspiring you to play a key role in helping us deliver a smoke-free future.​

Join us and we can Make History together.​

Philip Morris Benelux is verantwoordelijk voor de sales en marketing van de merkenportfolio van PMI in de Benelux. We co�rdineren met meer dan 250 werknemers activiteiten voor de 3 Benelux landen vanuit ons kantoor in Antwerpen.

Philip Morris Benelux is a subsidiary of Philip Morris International (PMI), the leader in the international tobacco market. Philip Morris Benelux is responsible for sales and marketing of the brand portfolio of PMI in the Benelux. With over 250 employees, we coordinate activities for the three Benelux countries from our office in Antwerp

Número de empleados: 250
Activo y los Países: 180

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