Top Employers Germany CSR: Jambo Bukoba

Jambo Bukoba strives to empower young people in Tanzania through the common interest of sports.

The charity is also helping with school improvements and is therefore having a positive impact on the learning environment of children. For the first year, they also developed a programme for talents and trainees from Europe to teach them about the challenges in Africa regarding education, health and equal rights.

As the learning of children can be the first step into a future better world of work, we wanted to support this organisation. Our plan was to link the topic of sports with the social aspect and we decided to donate a certain sum of money for every team member who is participating in our yearly company run.

The money will be sent to Jambo Bukoba at the end of this year to help them continuing the great job they’re doing! If you would like to find out more about their work, you can visit their website: