Amsterdam - 28 november 2019

Best Practice Workshop: Diversity & Inclusion

“Diversity is not something you do on the side—not if you want to be successful—and it can’t be separate from the ‘real’ business of the organization.” – Barry Salzberg, Deloitte, Global CEO


Diversity, what’s next?

Diversity - in all types and aspects - makes a positive contribution to companies. If you want to use diversity of talents to the maximum, there must be an inclusive organization with an open corporate culture in which everyone feels safe and valued. Unfortunately, realizing such an inclusive corporate culture is not easy and as a company you have to do something about it. But how do we get from cultural diversity to an inclusive business climate?

During our Best Practice Workshop about Diversity & Inclusion we want to delve deeper into this issue. You will be inspired by certified Top Employers and a keynote speaker who share their experiences. In addition, we’ll work on building a business case around this theme.


  • 08u15 – 09u00    Entry and registration
  • 08u55 – 09u00    Start Top Employers Institute: Introduction
  • 09u00 – 09u30    Amin Michel - Inclusion4Diversity
  • 09u30 – 10u00   Bernadet Smeulders and Rob van Eerden – Koninklijke Luchtmacht
  • 10u00 – 10u30   Break
  • 10u30 – 11u00   Ilze Lamers – Page Group
  • 11u00 – 12u00   Business case Diversity & Inclusion
  • 12u00 – 13u00   Lunch and networking


George Marina, Spaklerweg 10A, 1096 BA Amsterdam


Please be aware that this workshop is held in Dutch. Register via the form on the rightside.