30 Sept | 14 e 30 Oct

Top Employers Talks: HR trends told by Top Employers

Top Employers Talks: HR trends told by Top Employers

(please note these webinars will be presented in Italian)

The Top Employers Institute presents three webinars with data from globally renowned organisations to discuss the most significant and current trends in the world of human resources based on the data from the Top Employers 2021 Research.

In a world where boundaries between work and private life are increasingly fluid, we will look at the role HR can play as a facilitator of transformation and cultural change in a company. We will share a selection of Best Practices that reflect the new mindset and face in a globalized context where innovation, transformation, flexibility, sustainability, and widespread well-being haver become crucial and indispensable for your workforce.

# 1 | A new model of smart working: innovative, flexible and responsible

Top Employers Talks with WINDTRE | 30 September

From smart working to the new way of working: the culture of trust and responsibility in your working style is no longer just related to carrying out tasks, but affects relationships and codes of conduct. Sign up now:

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#2 | B- Tomorrow: BAT Digital Innovation Project 

Top Employers Talks with BAT | 14 October

Top Employer BAT undertook a digital transformation plan that aimed to increase transparency from the bottom up throughout the entire company. Their goal is to involved all employee’s opinions so their digital mindert is linked to individual initiatives and makes a clear impact on their workforce’s lives. Sign up now:

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#3 | Visible and invisible diversities

Top Employers Talks with Findomestic | 30 October

Invisible disabilities are often overlooked, something Top Employer Findomestic aimed to identify and manage this with their Diversity & Inclusion program. They provided a culture of awareness that gave managers tools to intercept risky behaviors and attitudes, so that they can act as models in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Sign up now:

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