Thursday 16th February 2023 - 1:00 pm

How to become a Top Employer and why – Case Study with Veepee

Introduction to the Certification Programme Top Employers 2023 France

Join us for our short webinar where you will learn more about the Top Employers Certification Programme 2023 France and how it can help your organisation to navigate the new challenges facing HR.

The Top Employers Fwebinar will guide you across your company's participation to the Top Employers Certification Programme 2023: we will analyze with you the benefits, deliverables and ways of joining the Program, with the testimonial of Franck Aimé, HRD of Veepee Goup.

When: 1pm – 1:45pm on Thuesday 16th of February

Language: French


  • An Introduction to Top Employers Institute and our Methodology
  • Benefits of participating and how the Certification Programme can help your organisation overcome current challenge
  • Testimonial of Franck Aimé, HRD of Veepee Group
  • Q&A


Vincent Binetruy, Regional Manager Top Employers Institute

Franck Aimé, HRD, Veepee Group

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We look forward to seeing you there!