1 December 2022

CHRO Singapore

Every year the Top Employers Institute releases its World of Work trends report and, this year, trend number 1 was, ‘Unleashing the Potential of the Involved Employee’.  The background to the finding is a world of work full of organisations craving innovation and agility in order to safeguard competitiveness combined with a hot labour market heavily skewed towards candidates.  How can organisations thrive in this setting and how can we, as HR leaders, unlock hidden potential to drive that much-needed innovation?  In this session we’ll unpack the finding and explore its impact on engagement and productivity before sharing 2 examples of the exciting potential of employee involvement.  The first focuses on the hybrid working challenge and the second upon purpose activation. 

Join our Session at CHRO Singapore on 'Unleashing the power of the 'Involved' employee' on December 1 at 2.35PM SGT with our Executive Board Member, Adrian Seligman 




  • Adrian Seligman

    Executive Board Member, Top Employers Institute

    As a Member of the Executive Board at Top Employers Institute, Adrian Seligman is fanatical about driving business results through a winning combination of People, Strategy and Purpose. His career has been focused on assisting companies and executives to develop their HR maturity, and he is now responsible for the healthy growth of the Top Employers Institute Certification Programme worldwide. He is particularly passionate about performance, development, and growth, and finds that one of life’s greatest rewards is watching the ripple effect of great leadership across an organisation.