Marlene May

With a rich and varied career spanning over two decades, Marlene Mey is a dedicated professional in the people space, contributing to sales, human resources, and DEI. She works as an Account Manager for Top Employers Institute in the UK. For the past five years, Marlene has been instrumental in fostering positive workplace environments and championing employee development. Before her current role, Marlene focused on DEI, particularly gender equality.
What sets Marlene apart is her professional expertise and a personal journey marked by a hidden disability. This experience has ignited a fervent commitment to challenging employers to strive for continuous improvement. Marlene believes in finding strength in vulnerability and advocates for transparency, authenticity, and progressive initiatives to cultivate healthy and contented employees. This passion fuels Marlene's mission to encourage organisations to improve and be better, creating workplaces which prioritise every individual's wellbeing and growth.