UK Report 2021: HR & The Customer Service Revolution

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By Top Employers Institute

What’s inside?

Our extensive research allows us to cover all the major HR topics and enables us to collate a significant amount of data and best practice, which we can then share with the wider HR community. And the most striking feature of this year’s UK report, based on data gathered in the middle of the pandemic last year, has been a remarkable and massive increase in customer satisfaction levels among Top Employer organisations, allied with impressive gains in market share, revenue growth and profitability.

How was this achieved, in the face of such disruption? The data shows an unparalleled alignment of HR and business goals in the name of customer service. All the uncertainty generated by the pandemic has made alignment harder to achieve, yet more necessary than ever. Now the challenge, for all employers, is to achieve and sustain alignment. So the purpose of this Top Employers Institute “HR & the Customer Service Revolution” report is to show what is possible and how it has been achieved. The way in which Top Employers are driving customer service through the alignment of business and HR priorities should be an inspiration to all.

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UK Report 2021: HR & The Customer Service Revolution