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Compensation & Benefits

A need for greater agility

Compensation & Benefits is a key differentiator for businesses looking to address concerns about the attraction and retention of employees, while at the same time boosting productivity and maximizing engagement. Talent is also becoming increasingly mobile again, with their skills more in demand, and their preferences changing, increasing the threat of talent leaving. This makes Compensation & Benefits, once again, central to Talent Management.

The full report, updated with 2016 data, includes:

  • Case studies: ABBVIE and SAP
  • Top Employers' Best Practices
  • 4 Key trends
  • Never before shared research results

What Top Employers Say about Compensation & Benefits

The Research

The report’s findings are based on a sample of 600 organizations in 102 countries, certified as Top Employers by the Top Employers Institute. Only organizations with more than 3,000 employees locally, or more than 5,000 employees worldwide, are included.