Certification process.
Certification process.

How we certify.

Our globally recognized certification the accomplishments of organizations that are providing the highest standards in employee conditions. Embark on a journey that will help you leverage HR excellence for the benefit of your entire organization.

The Top Employers Certification

The Top Employers certification recognizes employers that create optimal conditions for their employees to develop, both professionally and personally. This is what it takes to join the global community of Top Employers:

HR Best Practices Survey

The first step in the certification process is participation in the HR Best Practices Survey: a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s Human Resources environment.

  • To be eligible for participation, your organization must have at least 250 local or 2,500 international employees, as well as advanced, formalized HR practices.
  • The HR Best Practices Survey is a comprehensive analysis of HR management and employee conditions within your organization: strategy, priorities, role of executive management, specific practices, measurement, specific KPI’s and technological support. It covers 600 HR practices across Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, On-boarding, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career and Succession Management, Compensation and Benefits, and Culture. 
  • The survey is available online and can be completed over several weeks, by one or several members of your HR team.

Validated. Audited. Certified.

After completion of the HR Best Practices Survey, the Top Employers Institute determines which organizations have reached the required standards to be certified as Top Employers. Several steps are followed to ensure the validity and accuracy of our selection process.

  • Validation and Survey Review: After the survey is completed, we validate the answers and documents provided to ensure they accurately reflect the organization’s employee conditions. 
  • Data Integrity: After the validation of our participants’ surveys, a third-party audit is conducted to ensure the integrity of the Top Employers Institute’s procedures, processes, systems and data.
  • Objective Scoring:  All participants must attain the international rating standard required for certification.

Country, Regional and Global certifications

If your organization is certified as a Top Employer across several countries, your local entities may be eligible for certification at a regional or even global level, in addition to being certified as Top Employers in their country. Regional and global certifications offer additional recognition to employers focused on advancing employee conditions within their entire organization, and the world.

"Regional and global certifications offer additional recognition to employers focused on advancing employee conditions within their entire organization, and the world"

Living the life of a Top Employer

Being certified as a Top Employer  demonstrates that you are among the very best employers in the world. Top Employers Institute helps leverage your organization’s status, both internally and externally, with various easy-to-use tools. These include the Certification Seal, press releases, best practices and promotional tools.

The Top Employers’ outstanding accomplishments are celebrated during the annual Certification Dinners. The dinners are hosted in major cities all over the world and are always memorable events.

In-depth insights to advance HR

Being part of a community of more than 1,300 Top Employers in 115 countries around the world unlocks exclusive access to an unmatched level of HR data and intelligence.

  • Feedback and Benchmark:

All participating organizations, whether certified or not, receive in-depth analysis of their performance within the HR Best Practices Survey. The results are discussed and insights shared during an individual Feedback Session. This includes a benchmark of their performances compared to other, and best-in-class Top Employers, in their country, region or industry, and for organizations participating in several countries, a gap analysis on the alignment of their international HR offerings.

  • Sharing HR best practices:

From our worldwide research into employee conditions, the Top Employers Institute shares regular, updated reports on observed global HR trends and state of the art policies on various HR topics. Top Employers can also share insights directly within our community through regular workshops and conferences.

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