26 October 2022

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference

We are proud partners of the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference in October 2022, where we have an in-person booth for you to meet and talk with us. On 26th October 2022, David Plink, Top Employers Institute’s CEO, will take you on a journey through the employee experience at companies like PepsiCo and Saint-Gobain during his session “Amplifying Your Employee Experience with Data & Analytics: How Top Employers Do This”. He will share what ties these Top Employers together and how they've leveraged data and analytics to become masters in creating amazing employee experiences. 

During the session you will discover which analytics Top Employers tap into to increase employee engagement, build globally recognised wellness programs, and tackle what is top of mind for in-demand talent. Exploring this is even more important with the rise in quiet quitting and “the great resignation” impacting talent availability and engagement.  The world of work is changing rapidly, but companies that have a grasp of the data and analytics driving their workforce continue to emerge as Top Employers year after year. David will look at the tools and insights needed to become one of them. 

In his presentation he will focus on: 

  • How certified Top Employers build strong employee experiences: two best practices from the Top Employers community  
  • Top five applications of HR analytics that are shaping the employee experience globally  
  • How to leverage data to become a Global Top Employer 


  • David Plink

    CEO at Top Employers Institute

    Throughout his career, David Plink has dedicated himself to providing employees with crucial information that guides their career path. As CEO at Top Employers Institute for the last 14 years, he focused on increasing its positive impact on the world of work. Currently, over 8 million employees of Top Employers benefit from audited best-in-class employee conditions. Bringing the purpose of Top Employers Institute to life is David’s motivation to get up each morning and continue these efforts with his colleagues in creating a better world of work.