Orange Polska S.A.

Orange Polska S.A. 被认证为 Top Employers Polska 和 Top Employers Europe 和 Top Employers Global 为其员工提供了优异的雇员福祉,注重培养发展组织内各级别的人才,彰显了在人力资源领域杰出企业的风范,同时该公司一直致力于优化其人力资源实践,并持续不断地获得发展。
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Orange Polska is a part of the international Orange Group - one of the largest telecommunications corporations in the world, a global provider for mobile phone, landline, Internet, and IP television services. The company’s global reach and a strong position on the Polish market translates into interesting tasks and various opportunities of professional development. Orange employees participate in implementation of innovative technologies on a national scale, digitalisation of the country and building the information society in Poland. Orange Polska is the only telecommunications service provider in the market able to offer such a diverse work environment.

员工人数: 17935
全球分布: 35


我们全方面、独立的调研发现,Orange Polska S.A. 为其员工提供了优异的雇员福祉,注重培养发展组织内各级别的人才,彰显了在人力资源领域 杰出企业的风范,同时该公司一直致力于优化其人力资源实践,并持续不断地获得发展。


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