Empowering Individual’s Growth & Transformation

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of education and professional development, traditional learning methods, jargon, and frameworks are giving way to a new era of sophisticated and personalised learning fueled by cutting-edge technology. This seismic shift has ushered in an unprecedented level of personalisation in the learning experiences of individuals, particularly in the corporate world. Employees now expect to be treated as "internal" customers, and employers are increasingly prioritising a "person-centric" approach that profoundly impacts the way learning is delivered and experienced. 

In a recent LinkedIn Live Event, Dwen Hwee, HR Head, Singapore and Korea at Tata Consultancy Services and Billy Elliott, Regional Director for APAC at Top Employers Institute, discussed an outstanding best practice of how they make learning available to anyone to learn anytime, anywhere, using any content or any device. Here are some key learnings from the session:   

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TCS's Culture of Learning and Democratizing Skills 

TCS, a renowned global leader in IT services and consulting, has fostered a culture of learning by creating a comprehensive learning ecosystem. This ecosystem encourages employees to take charge of their careers and focuses on people, purpose, and the democratisation of talent and skills within the organisation. TCS offers a range of learning formats, including self-paced learning, virtual classes, game-based learning, and more, supported by partnerships with external training providers. 


Building a Robust Learning Ecosystem: Addressing Digital Demands and Driving Business Success 

TCS recognised the need to develop a comprehensive learning ecosystem to address the evolving demands of digital technology and ensure the continuous growth and development of its employees. Several factors contributed to the development of this learning ecosystem, including: 

  • The need to have Talent Fungibility as a strategic value 
  • Learning as a driver of business success 
  • The need for the organisation and employees to have relevant skills  
  • The Digital Transformation Wave and remain innovative 


To build a learning culture within TCS, which translates to purpose-led talent development, they developed it across five pillars:  

  1. Providing training opportunities - Linking learning with career and rewards 
  1. Being a partner function - Fueling business growth by being a part of business strategy & operations 
  1. Onboarding more training partners - Creating innovative & seamless learning ecosystems 
  1. Provisioning learning content - Building agility and hunger to learn and unlearn 
  1. Conducting technology or leadership programs - Nurturing growth & transformation mindset while focusing on cost & efficiency 

TCS has developed various initiatives to support these pillars:   


  • Talent Development Digital Ecosystem – TCS developed a talent development digital ecosystem anchored in their HR and resourcing teams. They engage, retain, and develop employees across the globe, aligning closely with the business to support its growth. The ecosystem includes the iEvolve learning and competency management system, which offers a diverse range of learning formats and proficiency levels. The iEvolve system serves as a one-stop-shop for employees to access training and certification records, whether internal or external. Various learning formats are on the platform, including in-person workshops, hackathons, self-learning and Gamification. As an example, under the digital ecosystem, TCS uses a virtual iQclass, where employees can learn from other employees overseas in a live session. The digital learning ecosystem enables TCS's 5As of learning – which is for Anyone to learn Anytime, Anywhere, using Any content delivered on Any device.  
  • The T-Factor – using an in-house built Algorithm using AI, provides a measure of relevant skills for all TCS employees. TCS employs a unique approach called the T-factor to cater to employees at different experience levels. This approach encourages employees to develop expertise in multiple digital technology skills while also excelling in one or a few specific areas. The T-factor was introduced to anticipate the increasing demand for digital technology skills, and it ensures that employees are prepared and trained to apply these skills in real business contexts and support customers in transforming their businesses.  
  • Xcelerate  - This is TCS's career guidance management platform designed to help employees navigate their career paths. Through Xcelerate, employees can log in and input their desired roles, preferred technologies, and a timeframe for progression. The platform then generates a personalised learning path based on the employee's current skill sets and desired career trajectory. Xcelerate also offers interactive features such as 360-degree feedback, where colleagues and supervisors provide comments and feedback, fostering holistic development in both technical and soft skills. Employees can participate as mentors or choose mentors from a registered list. The platform provides career insights, including learning paths of employees in desired roles, competency gap analysis, and engagement indexes. Xcelerate seamlessly integrates with TCS Elevate, a talent framework comprising three pillars: Junior Talent, Mid-level Talent, and Emerging Leader and Senior Leadership paths. 


Driving Career Advancement: Transformative Benefits of TCS's Learning Ecosystem 

Over 170 000 employees across TCS have been placed in projects across the business, which will help them reach the roles they desire in future. At TCS, their learning ecosystem results in numerous benefits for our employees. They gain a wide range of digital technology skills while specialising in specific areas, positioning themselves for career advancement. Through personalised learning paths and continuous access to training programs, they engage in ongoing learning, ensuring their skills remain relevant. Our interactive platforms, like Xcelerate, provide holistic development opportunities through 360-degree feedback and mentorship, nurturing well-rounded professionals. By actively participating in shaping their learning journeys, employees experience increased engagement, ownership, and motivation. 

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Empowering Individual’s Growth & Transformation