Best Practice | How NTT DATA Colombia are Reassessing the Employee Value Proposition

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Tory De Bassio
By: Top Employers Institute

NTT DATA Colombia has created a human-centric value proposition explaining what working at the organisation is like. Advocated by a clear Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that employees and potential candidates can understand the working experience and company brand. The EVP includes their corporate values and the company's purpose and reflects professional benefits from the development model and personal benefits for the employees and their primary team. 

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Why was the practice needed?  

NTT DATA Colombia carried out an exercise to redefine its value proposition during the Covid-19 pandemic as it understood that employees deserved personalised and agile solutions. The organisation realised the market, habits, expectations, and lives of their current and prospective employees had changed. The company needed to better reflect their value to everyone encountering their organisation.  

For NTT DATA Colombia, this EVP helped define and communicate their framework of action, corporate culture, and values, plus delivered on their company purpose and leadership principles. They wanted to guarantee consistency between what they did and what they said.  

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How the practice was implemented  

Through exercises such as focus groups, surveys, workshops and social listening, NTT DATA Colombia redefined their value proposition by finding convergent points based on their employees' needs and personal purposes. The company then generated offers personalised according to the multiple archetypes they found.  

Some highlights of the new EVP:  

  • One of the challenges was maintaining their employees' closeness, contact and trust during the pandemic.  
  • Perception studies, surveys, focus groups and social listening were used.  


  • A new EVP adjusted to the needs of the employee and the market, which is flexible, personalised and diverse.  
  • There has been a 23% increase in their staff, and the EVP has also helped develop both new talent and existing employees.  

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In 2023 we published the World of Work Trends Report 2023, which identified how the employee experience would become more personalised. In the post-pandemic world, employees have had a chance to reflect on what truly matters to them. And their employers have had to become increasingly inventive to get, grow and keep their very best people. 

Only businesses that work hard to provide a genuine and heartfelt commitment to a personalised experience will generate the emotional reaction necessary to create a high-performance culture, align purpose, vision and values and develop new leadership capabilities. 

Learn more about the impact of this personalisation by downloading the World of Work Trends Report now for free.  


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Best Practice | How NTT DATA Colombia are Reassessing the Employee Value Proposition

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