HR Auditor China

Purpose and contribution to company strategy



The HR Auditor is responsible for the certification of our clients participating in our annual Certification Programme. Their job is to support the Participants during the whole Certification Process, in filling the HR Best Practices Survey and validating its answers, and to ensure the certification process is objective and diligent. The HR Auditor has a key role to play to ensure a smooth and enriching Client experience for our participants, and in close cooperation with the other teams, will provide their participants with insights and analysis of HR Trends and Best Practices that can enable a client to more effectively shape or apply their people strategies, to enrich the world of work.


Key result areas and main activities


Key result areas showing what impact the role should have, main activities providing further insight


1. Leading a diligent Certification process for a portfolio of accounts, while building and maintaining long-lasting relationships


  • Welcoming (new) participants into the programme and setting up the Survey & Validation process 欢迎(新)参与方参与认证项目并设计调研和验证流程
  • Displaying a good understanding of the participant’s people strategy and its priorities 对参与方的人才战略和策略重点有良好的理解
  • Regular check-ins to support the submission process, manage expectations, and where needed to understand the participant’s sentiment 定期与参与方沟通,支持问卷提交流程,管理客户预期,并在必要时了解参与方的观点
  • Validation of the HR policies and practices of participants 对参与方的人力资源政策和实践进行验证
  • Calibrate survey submission and validation with peer HR Auditors and Global HR Auditors 与同事合作校正问卷提交和验证的结果

2. Ensuring that (non-)certified Top Employers derive maximum value from Benchmark and Align service 确保(非)认证的杰出雇主从Benchmark和Align的服务中获得最大价值

  • Webinars on how to best make use of the benchmark data provided 就如何最大化利用所提供的基准数据举行网络研讨会
  • Provide information and insights related to HR Best Practices & Trends that can enable a client to more effectively shape or apply their people strategies 提供关于人力资源最佳实践和趋势的相关信息和见解,使参与方可以更有效地塑造或应用于其人才战略

3. Continuous improvement contributions and content generation 持续改进和内容输出

  • Exchange best practices with the teams (Certification, Sales, Marketing) to optimise client experience, and usage of the full product offering 与内部其他团队(认证、销售、市场)交流最佳实践,以优化客户体验和整个产品的使用
  • Contribute to the development of the HR Best Practices Survey, collection of Best Practices, and analysis of HR Trends 协助开发人力资源最佳实践调研问卷,收集参与方的最佳实践,并分析人力资源趋势
  • Contribute to content generation for Content Marketing and Connect purposes 为内容营销和连结参与方提供内容支持
  • Pro-actively contribute to the improvement of the Certification and Certification Standards Clusters in terms of content, process, communication, etc. 积极支持认证部和认证标准部,促进内容、流程和沟通等方面的改善

Competencies 胜任要求

Behaviour that will help you be successful in this role and in our organization


Company competencies (for everyone):

  • Collaboration
  • Customer focus
  • Global perspective


  • 合作
  • 关注客户
  • 全球视野

Key success competencies (in addition to company competencies):

  • Manages complexity
  • Plans and Aligns
  • Ensures accountability
  • Communicates effectively
  • Interpersonal savvy
  • Courage
  • Situational adaptability
  • Persuades


  • 管理复杂性
  • 计划和调整
  • 确保问责制
  • 有效沟通
  • 精通人际关系
  • 勇气
  • 适应性
  • 说服力

Requirements 任职要求

  • Educational background in HR and/or minimum 3 years working experience in a related work field, preferably with large international organizations. 人力资源相关教育背景,以及/或至少三年相关领域的工作经验,大型国际企业为佳
  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)  全日制本科学历(或同等学历)及以上
  • Native Chinese, excellent oral and written command of English (fluent) 中文母语,优秀的英语口头和书面能力
  • Fluent in any other additional language (e.g. German, Dutch, French) would be advantageous. 熟练掌握其他任何语言(例如德语、荷兰语、法语)为佳
  • You are enthusiastic, curious, and not afraid of trying new things even if sometimes you fail (a little bit!) because this is how you grow 工作中充满热情,充满好奇,不惧怕尝试新事物
  • You thrive in a diverse and multicultural work environment 擅长在多元化和多文化的环境中工作
  • Working across teams brings you energy and new ideas; you feed on giving and receiving feedback because we can all learn from each other 能够在跨团队工作中得到灵感,愿意给予和接受反馈
  • You are analytical, detail-oriented, and use your common sense for problem-solving 善于分析,注重细节,并利用你的常识来解决问题
  • You are autonomous and require little guidance to get on with your work; you are organized and a fast learner 工作自主,有条理,学习速度快
  • Your excellent communication and presentation skills combined with a strong sense of client focus are suitable for both onsite (post-pandemic) and online meetings 有出色的沟通和表达能力,强烈的客户意识,能够主导线下(疫情后)和线上会议
  • You are based anywhere in China/ Shanghai and willing to occasionally travel to our office or client's locations. We have an office in Shanghai so it would be great if you live in that area so you can pop into the office sometimes. 工作地点为中国任意地区,但需要定期出差到办公室(上海静安寺)或客户所在地

We offer

  • Competitive remuneration 具有竞争力的薪资
  • Annual leave of 14 days, gradually building up qty of days up to 23 14天年假,之后每年递增至23天封顶
  • Pension and insurance fund 五险一金及补充商业保险
  • Flexible working conditions 灵活办公条件
  • Dynamic and open business culture 充满活力和开放的商业文化
  • Plenty of room for initiatives and own responsibility 高度自主性和责任心
  • Open career path: due to the fast growth of the company, many roles did not exist a year ago, and new career paths open up 公司的快速增长提供开放的职业发展道路
  • International environment: colleagues from all over the world in HQ and 12 country offices, from Shanghai to Cape Town to São Paulo, with clients in 121 countries 国际化的工作环境:全球有12个办公室,客户遍布121个国家
  • Opportunities to work with global clients such as DHL, PepsiCo and PUMA  与来自全球的客户合作的机会,例如DHL,百事以及PUMA

Top Employers Institute is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We respect and celebrate each other’s differences. We know that a diverse workforce enhances our success. We are conscious that having the freedom to be yourself is the basis of sustainable growth. To us, it doesn’t matter where you were born, what you believe in, how old you are, what you look like, or who you love. We actively promote and depend on the diversity of thought, skills, and capabilities in our project teams to serve our international consumer base in the best way possible. We believe that different perspectives and backgrounds actually lift Top Employers Institute to new heights and increase our way of thinking for a better world of work. Join us, as there is a place for you here!