Productivity in The Modern World with Perry Timms

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In today's episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Perry Timms, an international TEDx speaker, advisor and award-winning writer on the future of work, HR & learning. Perry’s work in progressive thinking in HR and the workplace of the future was recognised by his inclusion on HR Magazine’s HR’s Most Influential Thinkers List for 2017 and up to 5th most influential in 2018. Perry is also the world’s only WorldBlu-certified Freedom at Work Consultant and Coach.

Today we will talk about productivity in the modern world where Perry will share his view on this topic. We discuss whether working less hours per day is the future to happier people, boosting profits and customer satisfaction learning from companies such as Toyota in Sweden who have been doing this successfully over a decade now. 
Perry will share with us his tips to increasing productivity in this busy world we live in today with plenty of distractions and what can we do as HR Individuals to increase employees productivity.

Connect with Perry:

You can find Perry online at his Twitter (@PerryTimms) and his blog.

The books Perry mentioned are: Patrick Lencioni “Three Signs of a Miserable Job”, Cal Newport “Deep Work” and Jake Knapp “Sprint”.

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Productivity in The Modern World with Perry Timms

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