Announced: Top Employers of 2018 with David Plink

On February 2nd the Top Employers of 2018 were announced by the Top Employers Institute. The CEO of the Top Employers Institute – David Plink - now shares his insight into the certification.

As the CEO of Top Employers Institute, David is responsible for general management within the Top Employers Institute. In this podcast, we are excited to share the announcement of this year’s Top Employers 2018 as certified by the Top Employers Institute.

In this podcast, David Plink will share the insights about the HR trends, the standards required for the Top Employers certification and what should become 2018’s HR priorities for every organisation. And David will explain that as of 2018 we're adding talent acquisition as the tenth topic in our Best Practices Survey.

To find out which companies around the world have been certified this year, click here.

Listen to the full podcast for more information about the Top Employers certification and HR trends.

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