Millennials: A Generation of Aspirations

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“Young people need to be asked what matters, not be told what matters” – Jeff Martin CEO Tribal Brands.

Millennials have been given somewhat of a bad reputation over the years, with their sometimes ambitious behaviour being misunderstood as entitlement. On the flip side of the coin, millennials seem to have a better understanding of their own generation than many that came before them.   

What employers cannot deny however, is that millennials are aware. Their awareness extends to more than just applying to numerous jobs without doing their research. These younger generation of workers are researching organisations who are advertising relevant jobs and not just that, they are looking beyond an ‘about us’ section of a company website and exploring what each organisations values are and what they have to offer.  

Employers are not only trying dangle the golden carrot of an attractive package underneath the noses of this young generation, but trying to adapt to a multi-generational workforce, all with different wants and needs.  

Poonam Gupta (Talent Acquisition Lead for Merck South East Asia) and Lakshmi Parasuram (HR Director Chep Emerging Markets) both spoke recently to Top Employers Institute on the topic of millennials and how being a Top Employer has helped them attract the best talent and grow as an employer of choice. 


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Millennials: A Generation of Aspirations

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