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NN Belgium

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What Top Employers say about themselves

NN Belgium is a dependable insurance company that is part of a strong international group with operations in 18 countries worldwide. NN Belgium aims to achieve sustainable growth as a specialist in providing insurance cover (death, disability) and pensions (Branch 23). We offer our customers innovative solutions through a strong network of brokers and also via the banks. As an insurance protection specialist, we also share our insights for enjoying a health and happy life. It’s our ambitious and committed staff who make the company shine. We encourage entrepreneurship in our employees and give them all the space they need to develop their talents further. That way we are able to work together and find the best way to use their skills in a changing world. We are strongly driven by our values: Care – Clear – Commit . Our ambition is to keep our brand promise 'YOU MATTER' not only towards our external stakeholders, but firstly towards our own employees. We care about them.

Aantal medewerkers: 750
Actief in aantal landen: 18

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Uit ons grondige, onafhankelijke onderzoek is gebleken dat NN Belgium uitstekende arbeidsomstandigheden biedt, talent koestert en ontwikkelt op alle niveaus van de organisatie en op Human Resources-gebied naar voren komt als een leider die zijn personeelsbeleid voortdurend blijft ontwikkelen en optimaliseren.

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