The Top Employers Certification shows we are making strides in giving best in class HR practices.

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What is the power of the Top Employers Certification Seal for  you?

All the associate programs we create and embed in the organisation are centered around our motto of “Return on Attention”. This means our goal is to give as much attention to the associates as we can to empower them, engage them, and grow them. We understand that if our associates feel taken care of and paid attention to they will return that attention to our guests, giving a wonderful guest experience in all our outlets. A win-win situation for our associates and guests. The Top Employers Certification Seal validates that we are on the right path for delivering the tangible items that bring “Return on Attention” to life. It shows we are making strides in giving best in class HR practices as well as showing us where we need to take steps in improving. The landscape of HR is changing and we want to make sure we are at the forefront of what the associates need. The Top Employers Certification process helps us achieve that.

What is the reason you use the Top Employers Certification Seal, now during the times of Corona?

The pandemic hit our associates and our business hard. At one point we went down to zero sales. We didn’t panic, we didn’t give up, we continued to do everything we could to survive. Using the seal now is a sign that we didn’t lose sight of the value of our associates. It shows our focus could have gone to many other situations in the business but we didn’t let go our associate agenda.  

How does Top Employers help you attract the best talent and grow as an employer of choice?

The Top Employers helps to solidify the commitment we make to our “Return ofAttention” statement. It shows candidates we are serious about how we care for and treat our associates. If they come work for us we can give them a great employee experience. They can chose their path with us and we will support them in their endeavors.

How do you use the Top Employers Certification Seal to promote your status as a Top Employer internally and externally?

Firstly we thanked all the associates for being a part of the certification. By giving us their feedback and being open to change they helped us achieve the Certification goal. Then we celebrated!!! We have had pins made up for all associates to wear to “show off” our status as top employer. Then we have used the seal on all our marketing and recruitment materials. Everyone from our CEO to our Operations associates are using the seal in the signature lines and LinkedIn profiles, and social media communications. We also shared the news with all our business partners to show them they are partnered with a company that cares for their associates. I think we have put the seal on everything possible!

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The Top Employers Certification shows we are making strides in giving best in class HR practices.

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